‘Bulk Studio’ as the name suggests is a company with large scale development in different sectors. We are in the industry with adept programmers, good marketing strategies and a lot of contented customers. We have gained prominence for the development of Web Applications, Android and IOS application development and for providing ERP solutions for various organizations. We have set our feet for soaring high in the export import business, event management and as web services provider. We are expanding our business day by day with greater success. We are the ones you will come to, for the finest solutions.

We live in a competitive world full of aspiring people looking for the best. ‘Bulk Studio’ believes in customer contentment and tries its best to deliver such solutions. We have walked through several paths to be the best and we are in our high times in being the best solution provider. Solutions provided by us are regarded as the most satisfying among our clients. We haven’t failed lately, hence we challenge ourselves with bigger goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide affordable solutions for every client and be the most dynamic company. We would like to broaden our services and without being bound to specific goals. We have a lot of skills and we are open to deliver our best in every circumstance. Our Quality Assurance team always works towards customer satisfaction. Good collaboration with giant companies has given us the option to dream bigger. Hence, all we want is contented clients.

Our Vision

Our vision is to integrate technology to facilitate everyday life and work for the continuous development of our skills with new technology. We are indulged in contemporary issues. Hence new languages and technology are at our finger tips within few days it is released. We opt for better performance in every sector and deliver the best with our skills.



We are not bound to do just a few services. Professionally we are involved in developing websites, IOS and android applications and giving web services.
Moreover, we are also involved in import export business and event management and many more. We are the leading IT FIRM in the country.

ERP Solutions

Software Development

Mobile Apps Development

Testing & QA

Web Development

E-Comm Development

Designing & Animation

Event Management

Export & Import



We are here to answer any questions you have on your mind. Reach out to us, we’ll respond immediately.
If there is something you have always wanted to experience, let us know and we promise we’ll do our best to develop or find it for you